J. Kelly Hoey

Name: Jennifer Gore Title: Founder & CEO of Weleet Twitter: @weleetweet Born in Santa Fe, college'd in Texas - it took a copywriter job at Young & Rubicam to bring Jennifer Gore to New York City. The day before quitting her job as Creative Director at Publicis to pursue her first startup idea, Jennifer came up with a better idea and quit her job as planned.  Me: Why are you an entrepreneur? Jennifer: I think everyone is an entrepreneur at heart. Some have the financial means to make it happen, other just have the balls. I'd say I'm the latter. Me: What problem would you like solved? Jennifer: So many. The one I'm focusing on at the moment is the isolation and struggle of working from home alone. Obviously, world peace and the end of poverty would be nice, too. Me: Advice you’d wished you’d had or had followed? Jennifer: Don't be so hard on yourself. Me: What does success look like for you? Jennifer: My idea of success has evolved over time: doing something better, creating something different. But honestly, I think real success for me, personally, is being able to give or receive a hug when it might be a hard thing to do. Success is forgiveness and acceptance and love. I think many people mistake money, recognition and power for success. Who knew it was just a hug away! Me: Who are your heroes? Jennifer: My best friend from childhood, Gabe. He took his own life in high school and I think it took great courage for him to survive the situation he was living in, the bullying, as long as he did. Also, anybody who is living in poverty, struggling with mental illness and lack of proper healthcare, or otherwise oppressed in some way - yet still able to get up every morning and make another go at life. Especially children and teenagers. We all deserve to live our lives in comfort and free of fear. I believe we're making progress towards that end and someday we will get there, but it will take a long time! Me: What is your best discovery? Jennifer: New York City. I love this place and never run out of things to discover. There's that old joke, "this place is gonna be beautiful when they finish it." Me: What would the title of your biography be? Jennifer: I don't know. Me: What is your biggest regret? Jennifer: Not quitting my job to pursue my own ideas and start my own business sooner. Me: Anything else we should know about? Jennifer: Days away from launching our new site at Weleet.me....excited! (Current beta site is still active at Weleet.co)

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