J. Kelly Hoey

Name: Brad Kifferstein Title: Founder & CEO of VitaPerk Twitter: @vitaperk Brad Kifferstein is a dedicated coffee-drinker and in a quest to find the greatest morning combination since cereal and milk, Brad (together with his co-founder) set out to answer the question: what if that cup of joe not only woke us up, but provided a substantial serving of vitamins and minerals?  Me: Why are you an entrepreneur? Brad: It's an amazing feeling to be able to take an idea and vision or something that I created and turn it into a tangible product. Launching a business allows you to be exposed to EVERY facet of business, and experience every high and low you can possibly experience in a business environment. It certainly takes a certain person to an entrepreneur, but it requires an INTENSE amount of passion, persistence, patience and positivity! Me: What problem would you like solved? Brad: Having been a vegetarian and coffee lover for 23+ yrs, I've always been passionate about my health and my coffee. I wanted to create a convenient and easy way to infuse health into one's daily morning ritual: drinking coffee. As such, I wanted to solve a problem where I could make 'average' coffee 'smart' by enhancing it with nutrients! Me: Advice you’d wished you’d had or had followed? Brad: It easily takes 3 times as long and 3 times as much money to take an idea and turn it into a tangible, sellable product! Me: What does success look like for you? Brad: I feel most successful when people see VitaPerk for the first time, and love the concept and product. It helps reinforce the passion that I had from day one when I started VitaPerk. Me: Who are your heroes? Brad: I don't necessarily have any 'heroes' but with respect to people whom I look up to in business would be ANYBODY who has taken a risk and started something from nothing, and built a successful business. The amount of adversity one has to do deal with combined with the obligatory 'naysayers' helps build character, strength, and an intense desire to succeed. My 'heroes' are those who succeed and 'pay it forward' to help others reach their dreams. Me: What is your best discovery? Brad: I've discovered that with hard work (and the requisite 'p's of entrepreneurship - see above) anything is possible! Me: What would the title of your biography be? Brad: "Smarter Than the Average Joe" Me: What is your biggest regret? Brad: My biggest regret is not having come up with the idea of VitaPerk 10 years ago because it would have kept my hair from going gray that much sooner! Me: Anything else we should know about? Brad: Check out our segment on Power Pitch and let me know if you're in or out on VitaPerk!

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