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Innovator Insights: Thyagi DeLanerolle, Co-Founder & CEO of @BizXPro

Name: Thyagi DeLanerolle Title: Co-Founder & CEO of BizXPro Twitter: @BizXPro

Thyagi DeLanerolle is one of the fierce female founders I met at Communitech in Kitchener, Ontario. Thyagi is a co-founder of BizXPro, an online platform that makes it easy for businesses to find the right IT providers. And like all good entrepreneurs, Thyagi is solving her own problem with BizXPro. With over 12 years of experience building meaningful IT solutions for her clients, Thyagi recognized a need in the marketplace to further help her business customers find qualified trustworthy IT solutions providers.

Me: Why are you an entrepreneur?

Thyagi: At an early age, I have always enjoyed taking charge and leading the way. The person I lead the way for the most is myself by constantly setting goals and achieving them. I am a big believer in return on investment and my time being the most valuable asset. Much of my will to succeed came from my parents, who struggled and immigrated to Canada when I was young. I knew if I had worked hard, I can succeed at anything I put my mind to. Having now worked for 2 large corporations “Bell” and “Cogeco” I have helped them make millions over the years in building IT solutions for end clients. I have never shied away from hard work. So, why not set my sights on bigger goals with bigger rewards? What do I have to lose? I believe I can and will be up for the challenge.

I have always loved building solutions for my clients and I have really gotten a kick out of learning IT over the years. When I am building solutions for my customers, I want them to always feel like I have their best interests at heart and that they know I will ensure the solution is architected to their needs. Building trusting relationships over the years has been paramount to my success. My customers over the years have expressed to me their frustrations and their need for professional, responsive service and that’s what I have always strived for. I recognized over 10 years ago the lack of awareness of great IT solutions providers who are doing great work and not able to get out to the masses for projects. And for business users specifically IT Managers and Directors who are unsure as to all the various providers they can look for in a specific IT services category. A tool similar to Trip Advisor for IT would make it much easier to find the right solutions in a quicker more efficient manner, allowing such users to reclaim time for core job functions.

Me: What problem would you like solved?

Thyagi: I would like it easier for businesses to find and match their business requirements with top rated solutions providers using an online platform that makes it easy to do.

Me: Advice you’d wished you’d had or had followed?

Thyagi: I had an opportunity early in my career to pursue a career in politics — as a political staffer and I often think how my life would have turned out if pursued that career.

Me: What does success look like for you?

Thyagi: Success has and does mean financial freedom to spend my time as I see fit. That I am not on someone else’s schedule. I want to pursue and follow what I love to do.

Me: Who are your heroes?

Thyagi: It’s going to sound cliche but I really admire Martin Luther King Jr. for he is brave and is a visionary…I also really respect Richard Branson, again someone who is bold, forward thinking and thinks outside the box. I recently heard Jeff Bezos speak and he’s amazing! I am fascinated with how he sees space and how he wants to help build and lay the groundwork for space travel and commerce.

Me: What is your best discovery?

Thyagi: My best discovery is really my two best discoveries. My partner in life Daniel Koomar and my business partner Judy Escobar. They are both my rocks. I value my relationship with both of them immensely.

Me: What would the title of your biography be?

Thyagi: Defy All Odds

Me: What is your biggest regret?

Thyagi: I regret not spending more time with my little brother growing up (although, he’s now a full grown man at the age of 36). I love him dearly and family has always been and is important to me. For some reason, time has escaped me and I find that I am trying to rebuild my connection with him. We are only 11 months apart in age, but we are two very different people. I don’t think he truly knows how much I love and care about him.

Me: Anything else we should know about (product launch, crowdfunding or marketing campaign, recent interview, job openings..)?

Thyagi: BizXPro is an online platform allowing businesses to match, compare and connect their IT requirements with top rated IT solutions providers. Very similar to how Trip Advisor created transparency in the travel industry we aim to do the same for the IT industry.


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