J. Kelly Hoey

Name: Tiffany Tibbot Title: Founder & CEO of The B. Side Twitter: @thebsideboss Before she was an entrepreneur Tiffany Tibbot was a merchandiser at Juicy Couture and then a vendor manager at Beyond the Rack. In 2015, she launched The B. Side, her innovative swimwear company, the first transitional swimwear brand, designing and selling bathing suits for women who need more options from their swimwear and don't want to compromise between performance and style. Me: Why are you an entrepreneur? Tiffany: Because nothing else has ever been so fulfilling; personally or professionally. I also love the opportunity of making a difference (big or small)! Me: What problem would you like solved? Tiffany: Closing the gap between fashion and function in every market. Wearables and tech that try to be fashionable are not going to move the consumer forward. Making fashion more technologically advanced, attributed, adaptable, or functional is the challenge. The fashion industry needs to innovate their collections with modern consumer needs in-mind in order to solve this problem. Me: Advice you’d wished you’d had or had followed? Tiffany: To be more patient. Nothing happens as quickly as you want it to. Believe in the process (whether design, business, innovation, raising capital, or marketing), and always trust your gut as you move through that process. Me: What does success look like for you? Tiffany: Being happy, fulfilled, and always passionate. Me: Who are your heroes? Tiffany: My mother. She is the strongest woman I know; intelligent, independent, resilient, and most importantly, determined. All characteristics she has generously passed down, enabling me to pursue my own passions. In general, women entrepreneurs and more specifically women investors supporting other women entrepreneurs. It’s a special caliber of women who can pursue this lifestyle, and I look up and respect women everywhere who are facing the same uphill battle. Me: What is your best discovery? Tiffany: You are your own biggest barrier to success. Intellectually you have to learn how to move past your own self doubts, regrets, mistakes, and the bad days. Discovering that I was the only one who could truly hold myself back is the reason why I am able to be where I am today. Just keep reminding yourself that! Me: What would the title of your biography be? Tiffany: "B. Side Herself”. A title given to me by one of my closest mentors and advisors. Me: What is your biggest regret? Tiffany: Not being able to spend more time with every single person who has positively impacted my journey to become an entrepreneur. Hopefully I can do this someday. Me: Anything else we should know about? Tiffany: I just launched my company on thebsuit.com two weeks ago! We need all the press and media outlets we can get to help build this brand and business.

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