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Name: Maxie McCoy Title: Founder of MAXIE, INC. Twitter: @maxiemccoy Maxie McCoy is a force of nature. From broadcaster (ESPNU Campus Connection and Fox Sports' High School Road Tour), to ghost writer ('Less Work, More Money") to creating the Local Levo network for Millennial career destination Levo.com to bringing all her experience and passion together this past Spring when she launched Maxie, her own digital show and community. Me: Why are you an entrepreneur? Maxie: It's funny, 5 years ago when I was ghost writing the book "Less Work More Money: The Entrepreneurial Life Plan" I never saw myself as someone who would one day have my own company. I thought it required a killer idea that you could build a business around. What I learned is that entrepreneurship is driven by something different for everyone. Some people want the next billion dollar company by thinking of something no one else dare believes, others are done reporting to anyone and want to be their own boss, some have a mission they need to drive forward in this world, while a few just want to work when they want. I might be a combination of all of those things, but ultimately, it's a two pronged reason: I want creativity to be my north star, and I want to inspire billions. The answer to both of those desires is by putting 'Maxie' out into the world as a truth telling, soul busting brand. Me: What problem would you like solved? Maxie: I burn with the desire of parity among men and women. I fiercely believe in the day that will happen in my lifetime. From the wage gap, to positions of leadership, investment in women-led businesses...I know that we will live a better world when women's voices are in the room - across industry, institution, and country. Me: Advice you’d wished you’d had or had followed? Maxie: All of it - to trust myself. to dance to the beat of my own drum. to ask for more. to believe I could. to just ship it. I wish I had taken all of that advice sooner, but it was trial by fire. I learned those lessons eventually. Me: What does success look like for you? Maxie: Success for me is blissfully, openly experiencing the present moment. It's not in 5 years when I have a few million subscribers. It's not when I have that killer digital show. It's not from finding a supportive (and hot) hubby. And It's not when I finally get better at my violin. Success is being able to live in the right now...it's a moment in time that rarely has anything wrong with it. It's all love and all success. Me: Who are your heroes? Maxie: Oprah - she taught me what it means to use my unique voice to inspire.  My Tribe - there are so many women I'm surrounded by that show me what it means to chase your dreams. My mom - she shows 4 kids and my dad so much love while keeping a killer career AND a smile on her face. Me: What is your best discovery? Maxie: Energy is everything. I'm obsessed with cosmology and quantum physics, realizing how real our energy is, how connected we all truly are, and how we can harness that knowledge for everyday joy. Me: What would the title of your biography be? Maxie: Maxie. Me: What is your biggest regret? Maxie: For the better part of my early 20s, I genuinely thought success depended on having the job I had always dreamed of. I thought when I was doing X and making Y and living like Z then *that* success would lead to fulfillment and joy. I spent a lot of time chasing those external validators. And this took so many different forms: pursuing jobs for what they sounded like to others. Keeping crazy personal "care" regimens because of what I thought I should look like. Posting things because it seemed like a good thing to communicate. Thankfully, I woke up. And realized happiness is not to be obtained. And joy won't one day wrap me in a blanket because I have the perfect career, friends, partner, body. Fulfillment, I've learned, comes from the inside out. It's a lesson I know I couldn't have forced, but I look back on so many years of chasing when everything I needed to be happy was already right there - my heart. my energy. my own love. Me: Anything else we should know about? Maxie: 'Maxie' just launched on maxiemccoy.com in May! Check it out.

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