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Name: Julia Ramsey Title: Co-Founder & CEO of Nestie Twitter: @juliaramsey Dreamers and Doers is a community of over 3,000 high-achieving, entrepreneurial, women which encompasses a diverse mix of female founders of venture-backed companies, women in senior roles at startups, and other female change-makers/influencers. Julia Ramsey, former senior analytical lead at Google, is one of highly motivated members of Dreamers & Doers. Julia is now the co-founder of Nestie - a startup she founded with her best friend to solve  the problem of the outrageous expense and hassle of moving apartments in New York City. Nestie connects renters with departing tenants - skipping the broker and the fees and the “will I find an apartment in my price range” agony! Me: Why are you an entrepreneur? Julia: It’s a bit of a cliché, but I do truly want to make something that improves the world in some way. It’s also very freeing to be in charge of your own schedule… I’ve never been much of a morning person! Me: What problem would you like solved? Julia: Anyone who has lived in New York will tell you how nightmarish finding a rental apartment is. You only have a few weeks to look, there are a lot of scams, and brokers charge nearly two months’ rent. It’s incredibly stressful and expensive. At Nestie, we’re connecting apartment seekers with departing tenants instead of brokers. It’s way less expensive and I think a friendlier exchange as well. Me: Advice you’d wished you’d had or had followed? Julia: To take more risks. Me: What does success look like for you? Julia: We’ve already found several people new places to live on nestie.co, and saved them tens of thousands of dollars in brokers’ fees -- that was my first glimpse of success with this project. If we can save more New Yorkers money and stress, it would make me very happy. Me: Who are your heroes? Julia: My family is just exceptional. I’ll refrain from bragging about them here, much to my mother’s dismay. I also just learned about Margaret Hamilton, who invented the concept of software and put men on the moon in the Apollo era, all while raising two kids. Not too shabby. Me: What is your best discovery? Julia: That life gets better with age. I’m pushing 30 now, and I’ve never been happier. I think you figure out over time what’s important to you, and how to pursue those things. Me: What would the title of your biography be? Julia: “I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole Thing.” I really love to eat. Me: What is your biggest regret? Julia: Not having majored in Computer Science! I’ve picked up some coding over the course of my career, but I wish I’d started sooner, had formal training, and was better at it. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to build what you want. Me: Anything else we should know about? Julia: Some people know about the “puppy effect” -- that photos of dogs get lots of attention, and can increase the number of clicks to your site regardless of its content. We recently had the pleasure of A/B testing that concept, and got 10x more views after we posted apartment pictures with a dog in them (see here: https://nestie.co/listing/109-ludlow-st-17). We’re also looking for a full stack engineer -- please give me a shout if you are interested!

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