J. Kelly Hoey

Name: Maxine Daniels Title: Founder Twitter: @ibikeharlem

I Bike Harlem is a bike tour operator offering guided “Bike and Bite” tours and daily bike rentals throughout the best kept secret: Harlem, Upper Manhattan, New York City. I Bike Harlem was founded by Maxine Daniels (who originally hails from Chicago) a resident of Harlem with entrepreneurial roots that stem long and strong in Harlem. Her grandparents owned “Soul Food” restaurants in Harlem in the 50' and 60’s and her aunt (whom she is named after) owned a grocery store on 110th and Lenox Avenue.

Me: Why are you an entrepreneur?

Maxine: I come from a family of entrepreneurs and I love the smiles on my riders faces after experiencing one of our tours.

Me: What problem would you like solved?

Maxine: More bike lanes in Harlem

Me: Advice you’d wished you’d had or had followed?

Maxine: I wish I had more advice on marketing strategies!

Me: What does success look like for you?

Maxine: Success for me is when I get to a point where I have tours booked 6 days a week

Me: Who are your heroes?

Maxine: My Stepmother Regina Daniels.

Me: What is your best discovery?

Maxine: My best discovery is my passion for travel.

Me: What would the title of your biography be?

Maxine: Chi-town girl with New York Dreams

Me: What makes the Harlem entrepreneurial ecosystem unique?

Maxine: Because Harlem is an actual neighborhood where everyone knows each other and supports each other.

Me: If a Shark Tank investor asked “why should I invest in Harlem?, what’s your answer?

Maxine: Because Harlem is a unique community with and ingrained history that is priceless and profitable…especially in tourism!

Me: From meetups to co-working to networking events, what are your top recommendations for someone just stepping into the Harlem startup ecosystem?

Maxine: To start, take a I Bike Harlem tour with me, then hit Red Rooster, Harlem Tavern, Sexy Taco, Maison D’Art, Cheri, Ponty Bistro, Harlem Run, Land Yoga…

Me: Anything else we should know about?

Maxine: Come on a tour and I’ll tell you lots more!

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