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Innovator Insights: Founder of CrowdMed, Pixelkeet, and BritePeak, Jessica Greenwalt @jessgreenwalt

Name: Jessica Greenwalt Title: Founder of CrowdMed, Pixelkeet, and BritePeak Twitter: @jessgreenwalt

Jessica Greenwalt is the Founder of Pixelkeet and Co-Founder of CrowdMed, a platform that uses the wisdom of crowds to solve difficult medical cases online. Jessica is one of Inc.’s “10 Women to Watch in Tech”, Tech.co’s “50 Women in Tech Dominating Silicon Valley”, Huffington Post’s “6 Women Rocking Tech for Good”, and Today’s Leading Women’s “Power 50”. She graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Communication. Jessica is also a member of Dreamers // Doers, a highly curated community of high-achieving trailblazing women who come together to support each other on their entrepreneurial paths. The community encompasses a diverse mix of female founders, women working at startups, and other female creators, change-makers, and influencers.

Me: Why are you an entrepreneur?

Jessica: Throughout my career, I’ve repeatedly faced two obstacles: companies that treated me differently for being a woman and well-funded organizations that try to get me to work for free. These things reveal a lack of respect for a person’s value.

As an entrepreneur, I have the opportunity to create organizations that show respect and appreciation for people through fair compensation and open access to growth opportunities.

For all of my companies, I ensure that job opportunities are being presented to a diverse crowd, and that our interviewers are challenged to think of unconscious biases they may have. At CrowdMed, we have a small team with more women than men — something that is rarely heard of in San Francisco tech companies.

I can also make sure that people who interact with my companies are compensated fairly for their time and talent. We do not expect people to devote time without compensation, whether they’re an intern or potential hire working on a test project. Time is valuable and it should be treated as such.

Me: What problem would you like solved?

Jessica: I would love to see greater appreciation for the people who devote their lives to helping others. Teachers, nurses, parents — roles that provide support that many have come to expect, rather than appreciate.

Me: Advice you’d wished you’d had or had followed?

Jessica: My journey to where I am now would have been easier if I had actively sought out the advice of experts in my field. I highly recommend getting a mentor in your space and getting an “accountability-buddy” to keep you on track. No one makes it alone.

Me: What does success look like for you?

Jessica: I want to be worth the space I take up in the world — having the ability to contribute to the success of the people around me and making a positive impact, that’s what success looks like to me.

Me: Who are your heroes?

Jessica: Jessica Livingston (a founding partner of the seed stage venture firm Y Combinator)

Me: What is your best discovery?

Jessica: Relationships are more important than anything else — more important than skills acquired, achievements met, and money made.

Me: What would the title of your biography be?

Jessica: Antiques and Parakeets

Me: What is your biggest regret?

Jessica: I have trouble picking out things in my past I regret because I’m so happy with where I am in life. Everything I went through, even the tough times and mistakes, got me to this point. I can’t think of any major regrets, but I can think of things I want to improve on, like making more time for family.

Me: Anything else we should know about?

Jessica: I’m building a tool to help people collect anonymous feedback from the people they respect. We’re accepting beta testers now. If you’d like to find out what people think about you, request an invitation at: www.britepeak.com.

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