J. Kelly Hoey

If At First You Don’t Succeed, Someone May Try And Successfully Innovate Later

Time to innovate the belief that “it didn’t work then, won’t work now, so not even worth looking at again” mentality and unleash disruptive innovation in legacy market mentalities.

A quick search on Quora reveals a thoughtful, detailed answer to the question “Is there any startup that failed first but later another team relaunched it and succeeded?”. MySpace and Friendster made great strides in social networking, but Facebook got it right. Apple created the tablet craze with the iPad, but Microsoft launched the concept to little fanfare and adoption in 2002. The electric car? There is a graveyard filled with ideas, and a visionary rebellious entrepreneur we credit with popularizing the idea, again.

Entrepreneur, Kurt Workman entered another of those been-there-tried-that markets when he was about to start his own family and he was watching his aunt take care of her premature twins, constantly wrapped in worry and stress. He thought to himself, “Why doesn’t something more exist in the home for parents, so they can really know their baby is OK? It just seems like there should be something better for parents.” Kurt is now the CEO and co-founder of Owlet, empowering baby monitoring with pulse oximetry — that little red light hospital’s clip on your finger when you go to the hospital.

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