J. Kelly Hoey

How They Got Started: Luis Congdon & Kamala Chambers, ThrivingLaunch

What They Do And How They Got Started: ThrivingLaunch helps people thrive with their business online, teaching people how to get their message out in a bigger way. Sounds like a match made in heaven, however, Luis and Kamala first had to see that bringing their separate business together was the key to more business success. Luis was running his own business and having great success building a name, brand, and media BUT he struggled to make sales. Kamala on the other hand knew how to build courses, sell packages, and put programs together…but her challenge was branding, media, and getting her name out. They started to help each other, gaining some individual traction BUT not fully reaping the rewards until they finally had the “aha moment” and said, “Let’s work together”.

Resources That Helped Them Get Started: Podcasting and Facebook

This interview is part of an ongoing series intended to provide inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners and inventors who have big ideas and are wondering what to do to move them into action. You can find more of the interviews here and here on Inc.com.


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