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How a Cow Horn Is Transforming a $32 Billion Industry

The global market value of artisan goods is $32 billion, yet the market remains a decentralized and largely unsupported field. A cow horn, along with the shift to ethical sourcing by retailers, may now change all that.

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From Nike to Eileen Fisher, Anthropologie, e-commerce startup Zady.com and retail giants such as Bloomingdales and Saks, companies are shifting their sourcing and retail offerings to ethical products in response to the rise of the purpose-driven consumer. According to a Cone Communications survey, 88 percent of Americans would stop buying a company’s products if they learned of the company’s irresponsible or deceptive business practices. Millennials are key drivers of the shift in retailers offerings as this generation leads the “seek-out trustworthy do-good brands retail-therapy-as-change-agent” movement.

We often hear of the millennial generation’s desire to buy apparel and goods from ethical, storied supply chains, but it’s only a recent development that large fashion houses and retailers are realizing that this is more than a trend: it’s the new cost of entry for successful business. Nike, for instance, recently hosted an event where a group of entrepreneurs and leaders in sustainable fashion were gathered to workshop Nike’s goal to discover new, sustainable materials. An event like this would have never happened 5 years ago. I believe we can either be frustrated at large corporations for not being more sustainable from the start, or we can recognize that, so far, the resources to do so have been unreliable and hard to access. I see this as an exciting opportunity, as an entrepreneur, to disrupt the supply side of manufacturing, and begin to provide a competitive resource for material that is not only sustainable, but also reliably produced and accessible in large quantities. — Shanley Knox

Supply chains are stumbling blocks…

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