J. Kelly Hoey

A week of travel and discovery and NZ entrepreneurs...now back in NYC action. Here's my Dispatch From Auckland (in case you missed it). Some fundraising insights dished out by Silicon Valley Bank's Beau Laskey plus a few of my NZ discoveries from beauty to wine... Battery power is my mobile pet-peeve - which is why I'm thankful for having met New Orleans-based startup MobileQubes on PowerPitch. Charge your device on the go - no hunting for power outlets (or adapters as well as power outlets) - simply brilliant (and a travel essential). Must read for starry-eyed entrepreneurs - it's a gut check: What It's Really Like To Risk It All In Silicon Valley . As Y Combinator's Sam Altman is quoted in the article “There is this delusion that it’s easy to raise money in Silicon Valley.”  Which takes me back to NZ and Beau Laskey's pithy comment to entrepreneurs:  “Don’t raise money if you don’t have to, if you can build your business in the timeframe and the way you want to”. Love what WE Festival founders Joanne Wilson and Susan Solomon are doing to coalesce community and transfer information / insights via Slack. If you're a woman entrepreneur or investor, check it out.

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