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From My Build Your Dream Network: Best Selling Author, Tom Peters

This is the fifth in a series of mentorship stories I’m sharing this year. Mentors in my network who have helped me. And not only am I sharing takeaways that hopefully will be useful in your endeavors, as these mentors are also authors, I’m randomly giving away copies of their book (so read on!).

From My Build Your Dream Network: Best Selling Author, Tom Peters.

His Twitter bio reads “Reader, student, people watcher, writer, speaker, small biz owner, Navy Seabee vet, “people first”/MBWA bot, labeled “Red Bull of management thinking””. If you’re not following Tom @tom_peters on Twitter, correct that. Now. It’s really Tom (#BYDN readers know that I adhere to the rule — you can’t send someone else onto social media accounts for you…it would be akin to sending someone else to cocktail party on your behalf).

Tom’s been active on Twitter since 2008 — proof that social networks are not a passing marketing fad or a “thing” just used by digital natives. I’ve followed Tom on Twitter since 2010. And at some point late that year, he tweeted back and the banter — and mentorship began. Then in January 2016 I had a ARE YOU KIDDING ME moment when Tom tweeted that he had pre-ordered my book. Ok, just a bit nerve wracking as well to have the guy with THE best selling business/management book for 30 years picking up your first try. I finally met Tom IRL (in real life for those non-Twitter types) in 2017 — and guess what? It was the same guy I talked to on Twitter except we now didn’t have to stick to 280 characters. Here’s the #BYDN thing: social, 1:1, coffee date, Skype, text, voicemail — it’s all networking and the more we’re authentically ourselves in each of these networking venues the more opportunities we create to make meaningful connections. Another reason why in spite of its warts, flaws, trolls and privacy concerns that I love the digital world is it democratizes access. When before Twitter would I have met Tom Peters and been able to strike up a genuine friendship? Gushing at a book signing is no way to find a mentor. Instead over time, a tweet at a time, trust was built up. Building relationships, the cornerstone for our success in life, is based on trust and building trust takes time. I’ll mention it again, I’ve been following Tom on Twitter since 2010. When Tom offered to write the foreward to the paperback edition of Build Your Dream Network, well, I still can’t believe it.


Ready to participate in what I’m referring to as the #mynetworktoyou #BYDN giveaway?

I will personally be sending to one randomly selected winner a copy of Tom’s latest book THE EXCELLENCE DIVIDEND plus a copy of BUILD YOUR DREAM NETWORK (with foreward by Tom Peters!). How can you get your hands on this #mynetworktoyou #BYDN giveaway? I want to know when a mentor has gone above and beyond in helping you out. What’s the extraordinary offer of assistance that caused you to say “are you kidding me!”? When has someone shown more believe in your ability than you ever imagined yourself? YES, this is a big one but I know others have the equivalent of “Tom” in their networks and it is time to acknowledge those unsung career heroes and mentors. Respond to this Medium with your answer (or contact me via my website or better yet hit me up on Twitter @jkhoey or Instagram @jkellyhoey if you prefer). If you share your answer on social media, be sure to tag the person who helped you and use the hashtags #BYDN #mynetworktoyou. Can’t wait for your responses. Cheers, K. p.s. Next up from my #BYDN mentor network…VP Encore.org, Marci Alboher.

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