J. Kelly Hoey

Founder Focus: Learning Innovator, Angela DeVincenzo

New on the myturnstone.com blog is my interview with Angela DeVincenzo, learning innovator and founder of Blocks, Trucks + Art a progressive education initiative for children. Angela and I discussed a range of topics from block building to collaboration to starting a company with her husband. I’m sharing her super helpful answer to my question on how you stay on task (and read the rest of my interview with Angela here).

How do you stay on task? Angela’s suggestions:

  1. Multi-tasking: I find that completing smaller, more petty tasks (i.e., to-do list items, composing/responding to an email I’ve put off, setting up an appointment, calling a parent, etc.) is highly satisfying and motivating. It is through the completion of such tasks that I can ultimately chip away at a more daunting task (like this interview!).
  2. Chunking: A most important strategy — breaking up the task/assignment into smaller, more manageable chunks.
  3. Movement breaks: Getting a cup of tea, taking a walk, chatting with a colleague…
  4. Verbalizing: For me, verbalizing is essential. Talking through an idea or problem is how I make sense of next steps. It’s like planning for me. I can get back to the task with clarity and direction after I’ve done some talking.

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