Date: 5 May 2017

Location: 229 West 43rd Street, New York City, NY 10036

C4Q presents HackFemme, a conference that equips future tech leaders with the skills and knowledge they need to support women’s success in the tech industry.


Tech is Facing a Massive Gender Gap

Only 15% of women in top tech companies work as engineers. Even as women pursue higher education at record numbers, only 18% of computer science college graduates and 35% of coding school graduates are women. This gender gap is costing tech companies talent and profit: tech companies with more women in management have 34% higher returns.
HackFemme will feature a dynamic set of actionable panels such as Overcoming Industry Challenges and Becoming a Champion. In addition HackFemme will provide hands-on workshops, lead by industry leaders, such as Negotiation 101,  Unexpected Roadblocks,  The Importance of a Personal Brand, and Rise Up.

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