J. Kelly Hoey

80,000 "educational" apps in the iTunes store - no wonder parents (and Aunts, like me) are confused about what's really great and what's...but here's the rub: early childhood learning may be more about hands-on - especially from parents - than about the latest tech. Learn why here. This quote from Village Capital's Ross Baird is worth repeating - and yes, Village Capital's new partnership with PayPal is newsworthy for this very reason:
"The way we currently support entrepreneurs as a society unfortunately funnels a ton of dollars into the hands of a very small amount of people, who work in a few U.S. states, and went to a handful of schools, and they're investing in people who look like them. As a result, the innovations we're seeing aren't relevant to the majority of people. The average person in the US, Mexico, or India isn't worried about the problems that the venture capital industry is focused on solving, such as receiving a curated list of ingredients to make their dinner at home. They're worried about making their cash flow work so they can feed their kids, period. The entrepreneurs we're supporting with PayPal come from the background that understands these problems, and are solving them."
Got a story? I'm always open to pitches - but read this first! It's a formula for pitching the media, any media.

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