Download This! Your Summer Listening (and Viewing) List

Last week’s newsletter shared social media tips (as did Friday’s Career Entrepreneurship Newsletter) and last Tuesday, I was asked to address a group of CMOs on the topic of investing in early-stage companies…so perhaps it is not surprising that I still have social and mobile on the brain this week. On this, three “how we’re communicating” trends currently intrigue me:

  • The explosion of mobile video (both viewership and creation).
  • Messaging apps as the new home screen.
  • Continuing daily relevance (and importance) of email.

But I’ll admit it — and there is something ironic that someone who embraces social and new media — I still cringe at the thought of expressing myself in some of these formats. There is perhaps nothing more anxiety causing than listening to your own voice (ok, maybe seeing your own moving image along with that voice exceeds a simple recording). However, as we’re in a era of snapping, recording, podcasting — and promoting, entertaining and educating ourselves online, this is an anxiety I (like you) have to just get over or frankly, we’ll just get left behind.

Whether you’re relaxing by the pool or commuting by plane, train or automobile, here are some smart conversations and time worthy content to tap into (from podcasts to video to yes, physical books):

  1. Opening keynote by Joanne Wilson at the 36/86 Conference in Nashville, TN (followed by a panel conversation including Joanne and two of her portfolio companies, PartPic and Union Station). Lots of insights from Jewel Burks (PartPic) and Corie Hardee (Union Station) on funding scars, market size and building a moat around your business.
  2. What’s he looking for? A massive return! Investor and self-proclaimed radical feminist Adam Quinton lays it all on the line in the latest BroadMic podcast. And yes, there is a whole season or so of BroadMic listening for you to catch-up on over oniTunes.
  3. Teva Harrison, a writer and artist, was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic cancer. On the Creative Mornings’ podcast Teva shares how she seizes time. Time is real and finite — and as Teva implores, getting caught up in the daily grind takes you away from the time you should spend on what matters most, and it shouldn’t. Use your time well, starting today.
  4. From the Happier Hours bookshelf, check out Spinster: Making A Life Of One’s Own (no, not just good summer reading for all the single ladies) and then head across the pond to grab Dr. Sue Black’s Saving Bletchley Park (ICYMI: 70 years after the birth of the modern computer at Bletchley Park, Sue together with a group of extraordinary individuals used technology to spark a social media campaign that helped secure the future of Bletchley Park).
  5. Ditch your social sharing fears! Tara Hunt has been dishing out incredible truly social advice for years and ICYMI she’s been sharing her insights over on YouTube. In this episode she shares her smarts on how to develop your social and content muscles.
  6. Allison Behringer tests her worth in Episode 5 of The Intern podcast. Negotiating on behalf of yourself is problematic, and Allison lays it out, raw and real, in this episode.
  7. I also chatted with Chattanooga Business Radio while in Nashville for the 36/86 Conference (note: it is Tessa’s first interview and she totally rocks it). In the interview I talk about putting my money where my mouth is and why writing a book is like being a startup. Yes, ICYMI, I have a book coming out in January (and you can pre-order it today).