J. Kelly Hoey

Discovered In Dallas: Cause Studio

I was in Dallas recently, to participate in a Capital One women entrepreneurs/small business owner event hosted by The DEC. The morning conversation centered on the “Breaking Through” report made possible by Capital One’s Future Edge Initiative. At the event I reconnected with Kimberly O’Neil, founder and Managing Director of Cause Studio, a startup nonprofit resource and training organization.

Cause Studio aims to reduce the number of failing startup nonprofit organizations by (1) providing community based resource training and (2) incubating startup nonprofit organizations in a curriculum based cohort environment over a 3-year period.

Cause Studio defines startup nonprofit organizations as those that have been in operation less than 5 years and/or have not passed an operating budget of $100,000. Meeting just one of these criteria indicates that there is a higher probability of failing. Since most startup organizations are founded by local community residents who want to change something within their community, Cause Studio wants to assist them to success on that journey.

Since launching, Cause Studio has led the charge in developing workshops for over 300 social impact leaders in their community trainings. They have also incubated 6 organizations that have collectively brought in approximately $300,000 in cash and tangible in-kind donations in less than 12 months. On average, most of Cause Studio’s incubated organizations have less than 1 year as an official 501c3 organization.

Learn more about Cause Studio from their website and Kimberly’s interview with Startup Dallas.


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