J. Kelly Hoey

Destination: Innovation And Entrepreneurship #Aruba

Aruba has many great cards to develop into a Stunning Startup Island -if you can work anywhere, why not to the perfect backdrop of sunshine, an optimist attitude and a great hunger for innovation? — Oscar Kneppers, Rockstart

It’s Monday, I’m a digital nomad in Aruba for one more day, accessing a desk and high-speed Internet from co.lab and echoing Oscar’s sentiment. Oscar and I both returned to Aruba for ATECH (we both spoke at the inaugural conference in 2015). Why? No, it was not simply for the beach and sunshine (though it is an added plus). It was because of the community, one that has eagerly innovated and massively created in the 12 months since the first ATECH conference. It was for the 50+ volunteers who enthusiastically showed up to make it happen. It was for the companies who know they need to work with disruptors before they are disrupted. It was for the innovators who were inspired this year and plan to apply to pitch at the next ATECH conference. It was to support a determined founding team building an eco-system. It was to live the startup ethos of give before you get.

To see what innovation is happening and the entrepreneurial eco-system being built in Aruba, follow them on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

Traveling to Aruba for work and leisure? Then here are some insider tips on where to co-work, grab coffee or schedule that business lunch.


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