J. Kelly Hoey

Delighted to see this list and delighted to be on it.

In the interest of accuracy, my updated bio is here: http://jkellyhoey.co/ In short, I’m writing a lot — for Inc.com, on my blog and in contemplation of a book.

WIM is no longer operational. I continue to mentor startups through selected accelerator programs (ERA, Grand Central Tech, NYC Venture Fellows, Straight Shot). I am advisor to BUILDUP. I sit on the boards of two startup accelerators, JuiceLabs (Cairo) and Tampa Bay WaVE.

I’m an investor in Levo, Hullabalu, SQL Vision, flowthings.io, Smigin and CloudPeeps as well as becoming an LP in a fund. Prior investments include AppGuppy (acquired by Flow), Philantech (acquired by Altum) plus Loudly and Glimpse (neither is continuing operations). I am an advisor to Genostyle, Vizaltyics and JeKuDo.

I’m happy to answer questions through Levo’s 1:1 Q&A mentoring platform. https://www.levo.com/kelly-hoey

In the interest of transparency, I am not actively seeking investments at this time as I’ve got my hands full with my current investments as well as devoting my full attention to writing. No, I’m not taking myself out of the angel investing game, just putting it on pause for the time being.

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