J. Kelly Hoey

#CareerEntrepreneurship: Why Are You An Entrepreneur?

Belma McCaffrey stared her career on the traditional career path — working hard, getting As and accolades, but…working at large, global companies (Associated Press, Conde Nast and GroupM), and earning an MBA so she can climb further up the corporate ladder, wasn’t helping Belma reach career nirvana. So she leapt into entrepreneurship.

Why would someone choose the uncertainty of entrepreneurship over an established career? Here’s why Belma is an entrepreneur: I’m an entrepreneur for many reasons. First, I’ve always been very driven to make my work life meaningful. I feel strongly that work is supposed to be about accessing the most creative side of ourselves (when we can afford for it to be about that, of course). However, most of us don’t use our careers as a vehicle to our art and creativity. We focus on climbing a ladder, obtaining a fancy title, checking off boxes, pleasing others, and all of this eventually leads to burnout and feeling unfulfilled. We go through our jobs without fully understanding our missions, so we’re less focused, less efficient in carving our paths, and more stressed. I don’t believe it has to be this way, which is why I launched the WORK BIGGER program. Second, I have a great need to create, and I’ve had this need since I was a child. Entrepreneurship is so creative…I can’t get enough. Third, I love a challenge. Launching and growing a business is not easy, and I welcome all the personal and professional challenges it brings. And finally, I want to set an example for my son to follow his dreams. I want him to live life on his own terms and love everyday that he’s here on this earth, no matter how scary following his dreams may seem.

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