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#CareerEntrepreneurship: To Reach Your Goal, You Need To Take A Moonshot

Venture Capitalist Brenda Irwin’s business partner Simon Whitfield has an impressive background — he’s a retired Olympic triathlon champion (Whitfield won a gold medal in the triathlon at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia). But what’s really impressive is that he visualized his goal — winning Olympic gold — years before.

Visualizing success is what Whitfield refers to as a Moonshot. Flipping that negative brain chatter into a conversation where you believe anything is possible. I asked Brenda for more insights on “Moonshots” as Whitfield’s approach is as applicable to all of our career ambitions.

Here’s what Brenda shared with me — and start visualizing and executing on your own personal moonshot:

In 1994, Simon was a high school student in Sydney. He was seated 500m from the Sydney Opera House when the announcement was made that Sydney would be hosting the 2000 Olympic Games, the inaugural year for triathlon. During the chaos following the announcement he walked over to where the start line for his race would be and he visualized, for the first time, being in the exact spot six years later, listening to the Canadian anthem play for him. Following the announcement, Simon had the inherent belief that it was possible. He began mapping out what it would take to execute on his personal moonshot, not just to win gold, but to win gold the first year triathlon would be represented at the Olympics. He created a moment that he could revisit, reconnect and rely upon. Simon believes executing on a moonshot begins with visualizing achievement of the outcome. Be able to see that it will happen. Take time to sit with it, connect with it. Never lose the connection or belief in the possibility of achieving what you were inspired to pursue in the first place.

You should read my complete interview with Brenda here — yes, Brenda had so many great insights, her interview is in two parts!


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