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Business Builders Show Recommended Reading Book List

By April 10, 2019June 28th, 2020No Comments
J. Kelly Hoey - Build Your Dream Network

Five years into the Business Builders Show and the mic finally gets flipped on host, Marty Wolff when guest host J. Kelly Hoey takes the reins to quiz Marty on the best business books for listeners of this podcast. Marty is a voracious reader and the Business Builders Show has gained a reputation for culling the business book aisle to make recommendations on what busy business owners and entrepreneurs should be reading. Learn why Marty thinks “Create Distinction: What to Do When “Great” Isn’t Good Enough to Grow Your Business” by Scott McKain is the ONE book every business owner should read (plus his five must reads and the one book he’s seeking). And no, Marty can’t resist asking a few questions of his guest host, who also shares what’s on her reading list as well as why Stephen King’s “On Writing” is a must read for entrepreneurs. 

SUGGESTION: This podcast needs to be listened to with a notebook ready. Certainly listen in your car or while your working out, etc., however we suggest you sit down, listen carefully and then invest in your future by buying some of these books

J. Kelly Hoey

J. Kelly Hoey

J. Kelly Hoey is a problem solver who believes that most professional challenges—whether funding, landing a board position or getting a new job—are solved by tapping into networks.Kelly is a popular speaker on networking, community building and investing issues, especially as they relate to women, and has worked with the IEEE, PGA, Bank of America, Apple and countless others. Follow Kelly on Twitter @jkhoey and on Instagram @jkellyhoey and join the #BYDN community at