Build Your Dream! Stories (and Books) From My Network

I had a very Homer Simpson “Doh!” recently.

WHY on earth wasn’t I sharing the stories of those who helped me on my book journey?

No one ever goes it alone and I’m no exception.

I’ve the good fortune of having built a network full of considerate, generous, talented people who are more than willing to take my call, provide advice — the lift while you climb leadership types. I’m going to be telling you ALL about them and how they helped me AND (insert drum roll here) I’m going to be randomly giving away copies of their books as part of my story sharing.

(Hint: look at the image I posted above for a taste of what is to come).

And you can blame Tiffany Dufu, author of Drop The Ball for sparking this idea.

Tiffany posted on Twitter “I’ve been wondering “How the hell does Kelly retweet people so fast??” Thought I’d give #BuildYourDreamNetwork another read to find out.”

Her tweet was a reminder that Tiffany was one of the first people I turned to when my book proposal was drafted and eagerly hopeful of finding a literary agent.

Video and more book giveaway details coming — yes, I have lots planned and there will be many chances to participate in this #BYDN from #mynetworktoyours random giveaway.

Psss. You can find #BYDN and many of these fine books on 800 CEO Read (’cause like me, you might be bulk buyer when it comes to a great read).

Psss. Video with giveaway details will be posted on my YouTube Channel. Subscribe to be the first to know….