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In her July 28 blog post “The Importance Of Engagement” Joanne Wilson nails the necessity of consistent, ongoing communication flowing from startup founders (or frankly any entrepreneur) to those invested in their success (especially those who have made an early financial investment):

People love sharing good news but [it’s] not surprising that they don’t love sharing the bad news. As a founder, you have to be able to share it all. You also have to learn how to be transparent and engaging with the investors around you that want to help.

Silence is not golden. You need to show up regularly, with the good progress updates, celebratory high-fives and frankly, with the crap, “I need your help” or “I’m struggling with” questions, most importantly.

The embarrassment of delivering bad news is not the result or outcome, it is the failure to communicate the journey that got you there.

Yes, I’m a broken record on communicating (hence why Joanne’s post got more than a few “HELL YES” fist-pumps and tweets from me). My LinkedIn post “With Startup Communications There Is No Try, Only Do” includes a template eliminating “I didn’t know what to say or how often to send it” excuses.

And I practice what I preach. At the time of writing this post (August 23, 2016): 200+ LinkedIn posts, 77+ and growing weekly newsletters and let’s not count the tweets. The point is, if I can make it a regular practice, you can too. The skill is in getting down to just doing it.

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