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Being of Service: #BYDN Reader Shares Her Story

Thanks for networking suggesting on Thriveworks re: acting like a host when you want to be approachable in a room. I laughed so hard when I read this because I suddenly realized I do it all the time!

Quick story: when the mother of a law school friend died a couple of years ago, I went to the funeral to support her. I essentially knew no one at the repast so the party planner and connector in me kicked it. I thought someone needs to take charge here by letting people know where to sit, get food for the elderly, etc. — so that’s what I did. Keeping busy and being concerned about the well-being of others, made the sad afternoon an enjoyable experience. I met so many more people, and heard so many more stories about my friend’s mom than I would have had I sat at the corner table with a couple of people I barely knew. Essentially, I made myself of service, for which my friend was eternally grateful for.

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