J. Kelly Hoey

5 Questions To A 13-Year Old Entrepreneur

On May 23, I attend the YWCA of NYC’s third annual Potential to Power Girls Symposium. Hosted at Microsoft the event was attended by a diverse group of 200 girls (150 high school /50 middle school). At the symposium I was invited to moderate a keynote conversation with entrepreneur Essynce Moore. Essynce is an entrepreneur/mogul, children’s stylist, child’s fashion designer, actress, “local” celebrity, motivational speaker, author and fashionista — and she’s 13. Essynce turned her fashion doodles into a business at age 10. Yes, it was a mic dropping conversation.

Q: Tell me about your business. What is it? When did you start it?

Essynce: I started designing clothes when I was 6 years old and remained consistent with it up until I was 10. At that age my mother asked me if I wanted to turn my hobby into a business and I said yes. Today, at 13, I am an actress, author, motivational speaker, stylist, fashion designer, and CEO of my company Essynce Couture LLC.

Q: What inspired you to start your own business? What have been the challenges in growing your business? Any practical advice for other young entrepreneurs who may be facing the same obstacles to getting their business off the ground?

Essynce: My inspiration for starting my business simply came from the fact that I love what I do and it is how I express myself, also I get to inspire others in the process. One of the challenges in growing my business that I’ve faced would have to be the many sacrifices I’ve had to make, like not being able to join my school’s basketball team because I could not afford to get hurt. My advice to other young entrepreneurs would be to make sure they love what they do, and only then will all of the sacrifices made be worth it.

Q: We met at the YWCA Potential To Power Girls Symposium. The theme of the symposium this year was “building movements and building bridges”. How does your business build movements and/or build bridges?

Essynce: My business builds bridges and movements by being an eye-opener to today’s youth, as a way of showing them that what we can see is less then half of what there is. There are so many things, out in the world.

Q: Why is it important for girls and women to be entrepreneurs?

Essynce: Female entrepreneurs prove just how strong and powerful we are by expressing we are truly capable of doing anything we put our mind to.

Q: What words of encouragement do you have for other girls, that may aspire them to be business owners?

Essynce: Anything you can dream can become a reality, let nothing stop you because anything is possible.


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