J. Kelly Hoey

42 Weeks And Taking A Break Edition

I made a resolution in 2015 to send out a newsletter each week and I’ve stuck to it (now, if I could only apply the same discipline to exercise).

However, after 42 weeks of constantly putting up with me in your inbox….you’ll get a reprieve from me until the new year. Ok, you can hop over to Inc. or Medium or my blog to catch up on my musings, interviews and rants, if you miss me over the holidays.

Be joyous, be generous, be open-minded and bring your very best to the season.

For the last minute shoppers, rather than over-spending on something in the wrong size or resorting to yet another gift card…..give the double-bottom line gift of investment. A one-year membership in Plum Alley Investments provides access to private showcases, insights from seasoned investors and highly selective opportunities. The recipient also gets investment savvy, gaining a framework to invest in private companies founded by women and gender diverse teams. As I noted during the “Investing In You And In Women” panel with Elisabeth DeMarse, Chairman & CEO of TheStreet, taking control of my finances (including my investment decisions) transformed my career. Plus, by helping to change an imbalanced funding dynamic, you’re improving the economy too. It’s the gift that keeps giving meaningful returns. And see you IRL in January — at General Assembly on January 20 when I’m hanging with Dreamers & Doers.

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By J. Kelly Hoey on December 16, 2015. Canonical link Exported from Medium on September 6, 2018.

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