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2015: The Year of Investing in Entrepreneurial Women

Before all the talk about women in entrepreneurship and the value of investing in women (or capturing their spending power), there was Joanne Wilson making investments and taking action.

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2015 may just be the year the momentum to invest in women started to really take hold.

I’ve previously posted on why the women in entrepreneurship trend is important for future economic growth as well as on the blossoming number of resources from accelerators to angel networks out there to support women launch and scale their businesses and the need to show more getting-it-done entrepreneurial role modelsfor women. However, it’s worth highlighting a few advancing women in entrepreneurship trends from the past year:

Women are the 63%. First Round Capital released its 10-year portfolio review, enthusiastically discovering that their investments in companies with at least one female founder “were meaningfully outperforming our investments in all-male teams”. Indeed, as First Round proudly notes “companies with a female founder performed 63% better than our investments with all-male founding teams”.

Heavy weight investors are jumping in. Ellevate network’s Sallie Krawchek raised $10 million in Series A funding (led by Morningstar) to launch Ellevest, a new digital investment platform for women…

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