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10 Entrepreneurs’ Productivity Secrets

Productivity apps have proliferated at the speed of startup conferences and podcasts. 10 entrepreneurs weigh in on the tools and resources they turn to in order to stay productive and centered.

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Whether you’re looking for a productivity app or a podcast to download, most of us ask our network for a recommendation. Why read a random website review when someone in your network has an opinion? Do the number of app downloads really matter if someone you trust loves a product? In the digital-age default of leveraging a network, when I wanted to know the apps, conferences, and podcasts startup founders are using as they take on the challenges of scaling their ventures (while trying to keep their sanity), I turned to a select group of founders in my network for recommendations:

Gillian Morris, CEO of Hitlist, a personalized mobile travel agent. The app has been recognized as a “Best New App” by the App Store and was named one of the best apps of 2014 by Next Web. Investors include the founders of JetBlue and the former chairman of Orbitz.

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